Trucking Industry Keeps Our Nation Going: Value of Truck Drivers


Trucking across the United States is a vital but often overlooked industry in terms of its importance to the American people. The current outbreak of COVID-19 is impacting the lives of reportedly 3.5 million professional truck drivers who are working around-the-clock to keep our nation’s stores and businesses stocked with the goods we have come to rely on.
Truck drivers are committed to ensuring we have what we need with little thought to their own safety as we all endure quarantines due to the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, many people employed in the trucking industry risk their lives every day handling shipments that may be contaminated and interacting with people who may have been exposed.

Many of us may not realize just how valuable trucking is until we are faced with our own loss or have to find a way to handle shortages of products we use every day in Kansas City KS. Our food, building supplies, medical equipment, grainsand and gravel for landscaping and construction – and everything in between – depends on the trucking industry to get it from the farmers and manufacturers to our stores and homes. For example, the recent hoarding practices of paper products and the lack of staple food items have inconvenienced most of us.

truck driver cooking in trucking cab

Restrictions on which businesses can remain open have also made trucking difficult, as truck drivers are forced to prepare meals in their trucks with many truck stops and restaurants shut down in an effort to slow down the coronavirus outbreak. Although fast-food restaurants offer drive-through services, this isn’t an option for truckers because of the height of their tractor cabs. Nor do most businesses have sufficient parking for large rigs.

Truckers are away from their homes and families days on end, missing all of the things we take for granted ourselves – watching a grandchild take its first steps, special moments comforting an aging parent, epic movie nights with family, helping kids through their first virtual learning experience, and participating in outdoor family activities.

pavlich trucking cdl driver sleeping in berth

To make living out of their truck and spending the bulk of their lives on the road even more challenging, with so many businesses and rest stops closed to the public, they often have the added inconvenience of not having a place to take a bathroom break or finding a place to park and sleep at night. Despite all of these challenges that truckers face on a daily basis, they are still dedicated to helping maintain as normal a way of life as possible for the rest of us.

No matter the circumstances, trucking will continue to keep America moving, getting goods into our homes, and to suppliers as quickly as they can. While we are safe at home, trucking will carry on moving a staggering two-thirds of all freight in the country, including 10 billion tons of food, toiletries, online purchases, and more to make sure Americans have what they need.

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