Trucking Basics: The Top 10 Things Every Trucker Needs On The Road

pavlich top 10 things truckers need blogTrucking can involve being on the road for long periods of time, but even if it’s just an overnight trip, there are basic essentials that every trucker needs for personal comfort and convenience. Beyond the obvious things there are the not-so-essential but nice-to-have-anyway things.

Here is a list of the top 10 items every truck driver needs to make life more comfortable behind the wheel.

  1. Clothing. Think comfort and keep the season in mind. Always keep a jacket and rain gear, as well as steel toe work boots and safety gear. Don’t forget shower flip-flops and a roll of quarters! Pack enough to last throughout the trip or until laundry day.
  2. Shower Kit. Pack grooming supplies, daily pills, an extra pair of glasses or contacts, and a set of earplugs to ensure you get a good night’s rest when you bunk down for the night.
  3. Cleaning Supplies. Take along laundry detergent, paper towels, air freshener, Lysol wipes and a handheld vacuum for keeping your cab clean and neat.trucking dash mount cell phone tablet holder
  4. Electronics. Must-haves are a cell phone and charger and a dashcam. Also, an E-Reader, laptop or tablet, TV, DVD, game console, and music player are great for entertainment. A dash mount is great for keeping your phone or tablet in place.
  5. Trucker’s Atlas or maps. There are numerous apps for your phone that you can access as well. A GPS system is great for finding the best trucking routes, lodging, and other good stopping points.trucking top 10 needs emergency kit
  6. Emergency Kit. Keep well-stocked with food and other important supplies in case of a breakdown or some other trucking emergency. Include a handwritten contact list, in case your cell phone gets broken or lost. Also, keep emergency gear like tire chains, road flares and cones in your truck in case you’re caught in an unforeseen storm.
  7. Toolbox. Basic tools should include a wrench set, flashlight, spare batteries, hammer, screwdriver, pliers, zip ties, tire pressure gauge and a pocket knife.Pavlich-Rail-Car-Unloading-CDL-Drivers-Kansas-City (2)
  8. Office Supplies. Manila envelopes are ideal for documents like your license and registration, invoices, shipping orders, and trucking expense receipts.
  9. Food and Snacks. You can save on expensive convenience store foods and be healthier too if you pack items like dried fruits and nuts, crackers, jerky and baked goods. Also, canned soup and sandwiches are great. Keep a cooler on hand and you’ve got it 10 trucking needs seat cushion back pain relief
  10. Seat Cushion. A special seat cushion that helps alleviate lower back pain, sciatica and coccyx discomfort from long hours trucking can be invaluable. 

When you’re on the road, you can stroll into a truck stop for a meal and a conversation when you want one. But when you have miles to cover this diverse list of useful things to take with you can make trucking life even more enjoyable. If you’d like to be a CDL driver at Pavlich, we are looking for drivers! Fill out an application online!

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