Top 15 Trucking Apps For Kansas City CDL Drivers – Making Life On The Road Better

Pavlich Inc Kansas City KS trucking applications CDL driverTrucking is a career that isn’t for just everybody. It takes a special kind of person to be able to commit to the demands of being a CDL driver in Kansas City. They are faced with tremendous responsibility and the job comes with high expectations. Truck drivers are unique – they not only look different but they also have a different “life view” than the mainstream population. Many things about the life of a CDL driver are just – different. 

Pavlich Inc Kansas City KS trucking applicationsOne thing that is not different about truck drivers is their need to stay connected – with family, friends, the job and the world in general. With the technological wonders of Smartphones, laptop computers, and hand-held tablets and all the amazing applications that go with them – in that regard, we’re all the same. Tech devices and the many applications developed for the trucking industry have become essential for CDL drivers. In addition to being able to stay in touch with the family they left at home in Kansas City, they can keep up with regulation laws, monitor the weather, get traffic alerts and so much more.  

Here are the top 15 useful apps for iPhone and Android users that will improve the quality of life on the road, giving truckers access to information they need. Most are free! 

  1. AllStays Truck & Travel has over 35,000 data points with lots of helpful information. Some of the most beneficial to truckers include truck stops, weigh stations, rest areas, truck ramps, steep road grades, lets you compare hotels when you’re looking for a room, and more. 
  2. AudioBooks lets truckers browse, download, and read millions of books from all genres. Free; App Store or Google Play
  3. CamScanner is great for creating digital copies of fuel receipts, shipping records, and other paper documents. The basic app is free, but there are very affordable paid versions, as well as a trucking business account option.
  4. Fuelbook lists the most up-to-the-minute fuel prices for over 7,000 truck stops across the U.S. and Canada, with real-time parking status and GPS check-in for each truck stop. The basic app is free, but with a monthly subscription, Fuelbook searches pricing based on Cost Plus, Retail Less and Better-Of discounts.
  5. GasBuddy provides up-to-date prices for thousands of fuel stations across the U.S. and Canada. Sort by local stations, fuel prices and description of the fuel stop, including if showers or food is available.
  6. iExit Trucks using your location locates truck-friendly exits and businesses, diesel prices, weigh stations, repair centers, truck parking, and more. Free
  7. MyFitnessPal makes monitoring food and exercise easy; tracks calories when you want to avoid getting the typical ‘trucker’s overhang’. Keeping track of food intake is important for staying healthy. Free.
  8. NOAA Weather Radar the most accurate weather app for keeping track of inclement weather when you’re on the road. Provides real-time radar and future weather patterns using data pulled from the U.S. government’s weather monitoring systems. Includes geographic maps, 7-day forecasts, and push-notifications for weather alerts. Apple and Google Play
  9. Road Hunter helps truckers search and plan their next fuel stop including fuel prices, restaurants and parking, tracks weigh stations and severe weather.
  10. Skype allows drivers to stay in touch “face-to-face.” Connect to anyone, anywhere while on the road with video conferencing with fellow drivers, dispatchers, and family members. A CDL driver can call landlines and cell phones at low rates, leave messages, send and receive voicemail, send files and text messages.
  11. Transflo allows trucking companies to scan documents to send to their drivers or businesses and allows drivers to get paid faster. Available through Android and iTunes.   
  12. Trucker Path all-in-one app features truckstop locator, fuel station locator, weigh stations & scales, trip planner and a lot more. Easily locate parking spots, the best routes in an unknown city and the exits you need to take. When you’re looking for a decent truck stop to get a good meal, take a shower and get some rest, this is the app that will find what you’re looking for fast. 
  13. Trucker Tools has all the features mentioned in the above apps and a lot more. From Truckstop guide to weight scales, from message boards to chat with fellow drivers, to cargo insurance and more, this app has everything a truck driver would need.
  14. TruckLogics helps you keep up with paperwork; instead of keeping track of piles of receipts during your trips, scan them with your phone’s camera and submit them immediately. All records you send or download are saved to cloud storage, and you can access the information from anywhere. Even if you lose your phone, you can still access your truck’s records. It’s Free.
  15. Waze is an app operated by drivers who help other drivers find the best routes and improve their trucking experience. Features real-time updates on traffic conditions, inclement weather, road repairs, and car accidents, and provides you with alternate routes when needed. This community-based navigation app has become a social interaction tool for all kinds of truckers. 

pavlich in kansas city ks trucking company best appsTrucking life can be fun and exciting, but even seasoned drivers can use apps to make life on the road easier. Not only GPS tracking apps, but many more applications are available to help save on fuel costs, find roadside assistance, and locate lodging. In fact, there are trucking apps for nearly everything a CDL driver needs. However, never use the phone while you’re driving! Always practice safety whenever you’re on the road.

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