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Pavlich Inc sand and gravel summer landscaping projects blogIt’s summertime and sand and gravel orders are keeping Pavlich Inc in Kansas City, Kansas on their toes – and in their trucks. Homeowners are making the most of the warm, sunny days with barbeques, backyard play, and coming up with plans for special landscaping projects. There are many ways in which sand and gravel products can be utilized for creative landscaping.

Our sand products include several varieties of quality building and decorative sand, such as:

  • Coral sand
  • Gypsum sand
  • Man Sand
  • Clean Fill Sand
  • Silica Sand
  • Construction Mix

Sand and gravel and specialty stone can be used for basically every kind of backyard project you can think of – from setting paving blocks or edging a flowerbed, to creating your own beach retreat or Zen garden. Pavlich carries a vast array of sand and gravel products that have many different uses. 

pavlich inc sand and gravel blogTo many people, sand is simply sand, but we understand the differences and can help you choose exactly the product you’re looking for. If building a brick retaining wall or laying a brick pathway is part of your summer plans, you would want our special grade construction sand for mixing mortar for bricklaying. Our manufactured sand is ideal for backfill, under slabs, pavers, foundations and trenches

To transform your backyard into a truly special place for entertaining or just relaxing, adding retaining walls, waterfalls and walkways can enhance the space. With beautiful colored sand and gravel combined with special plantings and outdoor furnishings, you’ll rival the neighborhood for the best place to hang out this summer.

Pavlich Inc sand and gravel play pitsClimbing gyms and elevated playhouses are always popular in Kansas City, Kansas, and you can make your little princess or pirate extremely happy with a playhouse or pirate ship structure erected in the middle of a huge sand play pit. Filled with our specially formulated silica sand, it’s ideal for kids to romp and play in without getting hurt. Silica sand is also preferred for volleyball pits and arenas. It doesn’t get water-logged when wet and offers sufficient support to prevent injury if someone falls.

As you can see, many of our sands have multiple uses for the home in Kansas City, Kansas, so if you have specific requirements, please contact our team to discuss further.

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