Sand and Gravel Specialty Stone For Kansas City Homes and Businesses

pavlich inc sand and gravel specialty stone outdoor residential commercial kansas citySand and gravel products from Pavlich have been meeting the needs of homeowners and businesses around Kansas City for years. Now that spring has arrived many homeowners and businesses are geared up to spruce up their property with hardscaping and landscaping such as patios, retaining walls and outdoor structures. Pavlich’s large selection of sand and gravel products are suitable for almost any project.

Residential and commercial properties all over Kansas City are being renovated, and specialty stone products are in high demand. That’s where Pavlich Inc. comes in, with our wide range of sand and gravel and unique specialty stone products. From tiny pea gravel to gigantic boulders, we have it all!

pavlich inc sand and gravel specialty stone commercial marble kansas cityMany Kansas City homeowners and businesses favor marble, onyx, quartzite and terrazzo for its classy style. Specialty stone looks beautiful and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to complement any décor. It’s extremely durable and is ideal for use as flooring, wall coverings and countertops in hotels, airports, museums, stadiums and restaurants. Residential properties often choose specialty stone for bathrooms and kitchens, not only for convenience but for giving their homes a unique look. 

pavlich inc sand and gravel commercial grounds landscapingPavlich’s sand and gravel products are not restricted to interior use. We are without equal in Kansas City when it comes to our wide selection of landscaping materials suitable for commercial entities like water parks, hospital grounds, parks, school grounds and business complexes. When you need large boulders to enhance a large property, or a mix of decorative sand and gravel to complement flower beds, we have what you need. We can also provide the perfect mix of sand and gravel that is stable and durable for use on walkways, bike paths and the many nature trails located throughout the metro. River rock and natural stone in gradient sizes can be used to line a driveway or for building a retaining wall. Silica is a favorite option for children’s play areas.

pavlich in sand and gravel specialty stone landscaping If you need stone for making concrete stronger and more durable, we have that too. We haul granite to concrete companies to mix with their concrete providing a stronger finish to your project. The granite rock we sell is low absorbency stone. Customers purchase from us to make concrete long-lasting. From creating a native stone patio to building a Zen garden to a backyard waterfall and any other hardscaping project you have in mind, Pavlich Inc has everything you need.

You could say that Pavlich is a one-stop-shop for businesses and homeowners in Kansas City when it comes to your sand and gravel needs – both inside and out. pavlich-trucking-sand-and-gravel-loading-delivery-haulingPavlich, Inc. will haul any size load to your home or business and unload it where you need it. Please contact us at 913-281-3709 and let us know what you need. We are sand and gravel and bulk product trucking specialists exceeding expectations in Kansas City since 1974.

CDL Driver’s Wanted: We are currently looking for CDL drivers. If you’re looking for a great position with a great company, look no further than Pavlich Inc. Please take a moment to fill out an application HERE, or give us a call at 913-281-3709 and ask for recruiting!



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