Sand And Gravel Products For Decorative Landscaping

Our sand and gravel products include a variety of rock boulders and large flat rocks for decorative landscaping purposes. Decorative landscaping does not have to only include flowers. Rock boulders and large flat rocks provide a natural element that brings additional texture to any landscaping project.

Sand And Gravel Pavlich Inc.

Sand And Gravel Enhance Any Outdoor Landscape Project

If you have problematic areas such as hills or grades that might be too expensive to fix through traditional landscaping means, sand and gravel products like rock boulders and large flat rocks can disguise or hide those problems when placed correctly.

Interspersing rock boulders down a shallow hill surrounded by moss, grasses, and other natural elements makes for an easier retaining walls without the construction cost that comes along with retaining wall projects. Adding in large rocks to garden beds breaks up the monotony of flat plants, brings in texture and provides a way to retain extra moisture.

Large, flat rock walkways and stacked stairs are a beautiful way to add interested to any decorative landscaping project as well. With our bulk products, no decorative landscaping project is too large or complex to manage.

We are the specialists when it comes to specialty stone for decorating landscapes, water parks, business or personal areas. Our sand and gravel products can be used for a variety of projects and no project that requires rock boulders, stone, or large flat rocks is too large for us. We routinely sell and haul hundreds of bulk products for any project imaginable.

We can haul sand and gravel products to your location and unload it where you need it. We haul a variety of rock and large flat rocks, including granite. For a complete list of the product we carry, visit our website here. Not sure of how many rock boulders or sand and gravel products you’ll need for your project? We have provided a rock calculator on our website to help you determine how much you’ll need before purchase.

If you are in the Kansas City are and are in need of rock boulders, large flat rocks, or other bulk products, Pavlich, Inc. is the right company to get the job done for you. Contact us today to get your decorative landscaping job started, or call us at (913) 281-3709 with any questions you have about the sand and gravel products we carry.