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Pavlich Inc Kansas City KS Sand and Gravel Commercial Residential UseSand and gravel have multiple purposes for both commercial and residential use. Now that winter is behind us here in the Midwest, homeowners and landscapers are just itching to get started on outdoor projects. Construction companies are eager to complete parking lots and cities are getting ready to fill the potholes left over from harsh weather, making now the ideal time to have truckloads of sand and gravel brought in! Pavlich supplies sand and gravel in all different grades and sizes for residential and commercial landscaping, roadways and more.

Pavlich Inc Kansas City KS Sand and Gravel Commercial Residential potholesSand is classified by grade – fine, medium and coarse. The four types of sand that Pavlich provides are utility sand, plaster sand, masonry sand, and play sand. Utility sand (also called concrete sand), is a small aggregate composed of gneiss, granite rock or limestone that is very coarse and more durable for use in structural projects such as setting posts. It is mostly used as a critical ingredient in hot asphalt or cement and is also used in the base layer, pipes and as a levelling medium for under or above ground patios and swimming pools. Construction companies use concrete sand to make stucco and mortar. Landscapers often use utility sand for making walkways with concrete pavers because it can be compacted uniformly and allows for adequate water drainage.

Plaster sand is a clean, coarse sand that is primarily used to make stucco. Masonry sand and white sand is clean, fine-grained sand used to make mortar, and also as a base under paving stones because it is easier to work with than utility sand. Play sand is the kind you see in children’s sandboxes, on playgrounds and even beach volleyball pits. (Unlike other sands, play sand is silica-free which makes it safe for children’s play areas.) Specific types of sand are used in glassmaking and metal casting. 

Pavlich Inc Kansas City KS Sand and Gravel Commercial Residential pool bedIn addition to sand, Pavlich provides gravel in all different shapes, colors and sizes. Gravel is classified by the particle size range – from granule to boulder-sized. Common types of gravel we carry are base, crushed stone, quarry process, pea gravel, shore gravel, marble chips and river rock. The uses for gravel are virtually unlimited, both for commercial use and private purposes. Gravel mixed with sand is used to manufacture concrete, as well as for mixing with asphalt as part of road construction. It can be used as the base layer for roads before being covered with tarmac and is also commonly used to surface roadways, especially those in rural areas and in icy conditions. It is also used to make concrete blocks, bricks, and pipes, roofing shingles, railroad ballast and for water filtration. Homeowners use gravel in a variety of home projects, including driveways, landscaping, drainage and more.

No project that requires sand and gravel is too large for Pavlich to handle. Whether you need river rock, pea gravel or boulders – or a truck load of play sand – we can provide what you need, when and where you need it. Click here to see a list of some of the products we carry. Please let us know if you don’t see a product listed to see if we can meet your needs. We are sand and gravel and bulk product trucking specialists exceeding expectations in Kansas City since 1974.

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