Sand And Gravel: Landscaping Uses

Sand and gravel have many landscaping uses, and our team at Pavlich, Inc. can supply or help transport these materials for you. We’ve been in business for more than 45 years, and have earned a reputation for solid performance, on-time delivery, and personal service.  


Sand and gravel are perfect for landscaping uses and we can transport it to you.

Sand and gravel can be used in a variety of landscaping ways, and in both residential and commercial spaces. As some of the most versatile and widely used landscaping materials, sand and gravel are often used in water parks, playgrounds, business parks, and personal areas including decorative landscaping.

While thinking about personal property areas, sand is mainly used to help level patio stones, and in between pavers and walkways. Sand is also used as a foundation for ponds, planters and steps. If you choose to install a small, personal playground in your backyard, sand is one of the best materials you can choose, as it is a soft place to fall for small children. It is a versatile landscaping element that is easy to use.

And when thinking of using gravel, the options are nearly endless in range of color, texture, and size.  Gravel makes an excellent base for any landscaping project, and allows water to drain through potted plants, which prevents root rot from occurring.

You can line walkways, garden paths, and flower beds with all different types of sand and gravel. And if you don’t have time to keep up with the maintenance of a full lawn, sand and gravel make a great alternative to seating spaces, and will cut down on those maintenance hours and water cost.

We know that quality materials are important to our customers, and at Pavlich, Inc. we are the bulk product trucking specialists exceeding our customer’s expectations in Kansas City since 1974. We have a full list of bulk item products that we carry.  If you are interested in purchasing sand and gravel contact us, Pavlich, Inc., your premiere bulk transport specialists at (913) 281-3709 to discuss your project and bulk product needs.