Sand and Gravel in Kansas City Products For Commercial Use

pavlich inc sand and gravel in kansas city commercial uses blogSand and gravel in Kansas City are used for a wide variety of commercial projects throughout the metro. In this part of Kansas, Pavlich, Inc has a long history as a leading provider of high-quality sand and gravel products to concrete plants, building sites, and roadway projects.

Originally founded in 1974, Pavlich, Inc has built a solid reputation in the sand and gravel business for consistently meeting specifications and fulfilling obligations on every job. We have the best pricing for moving bulk products of all kinds, wherever they are needed – whenever they are needed. Our company is a locally owned and family run business with a fleet of over 70 trucks and trailers for transporting sand and gravel in Kansas City. 


There are many practical uses for our products. For example, city road crews and construction companies stay busy creating parking lots, filling potholes, and having truckloads of sand and gravel in Kansas City delivered on a daily basis.

Many companies use sand and gravel for mixing with asphalt, as construction fill, and to make concrete blocks, bricks, and pipes. Other uses for sand and gravel in Kansas City is to add traction to icy roads during winter, as railroad ballast, for water filtration, and in the production of roofing shingles.

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We are also specialists when it comes to specialty stone used for decorating landscapes, business grounds, school playgrounds, and as material for driveways and walking trails. No project that requires specialty stone or sand and gravel is too large for us. We can haul rocks, boulders, large flat rocks, and all grades of gravel and sand.

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We also haul granite, sand, and gravel products to companies for mixing with concrete to provide a stronger finish.

A great hospital landscape design includes peaceful, shady retreats tucked around the campus where patients and their families can relax. It’s a welcoming space where staff can take a break and catch a breath of fresh air or enjoy their lunch. Sand and gravel in Kansas City are often utilized throughout the metro’s many municipalities and business facilities to create inviting walkways, comfortable niches, and rest areas for everyone to enjoy.

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In addition to sand and gravel, some of the other products we carry include coal, salt, salt and sand mix, ball field mix, ballast rock, clay, cobblestone, Potash, dirt, and much more. For a complete list, visit our website. Sand and gravel have multiple purposes for both commercial and residential use. 

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Sand and gravel in Kansas City are much more affordable, durable, and easier to install than asphalt or concrete. There are many different grades, colors, and sizes to satisfy the need for even the most complex projects. For high-quality products, you need to look no further than Pavlich Inc in Kansas City, KS. We’re able to provide whatever you need for your projects, whether It’s river rock and pea gravel for a walkway, or a truckload of sand and gravel in Kansas City. You can pick it up or we’ll deliver it right to your door! 




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