Sand and Gravel in Kansas City Are a Staple During Winter Weather

pavlich-sand-and-gravel-in-kansas-city-winter-weather-blogSand and gravel in Kansas City is a valuable commodity when the ice and snow hits. Although we often enjoy milder weather here in the Midwest than other parts of the country, when Mother Nature does decide to bestow a blizzard or an ice storm, we want to be prepared. Fortunately, Pavlich has it covered – for commercial and residential customers across the metro and beyond!

Winter can bring brutal freezing temps, take out power-lines with heavy snow, and produce icy glazes on everything. Because slick surfaces pose a severe risk to pedestrians and drivers alike, businesses and homeowners take advantage of salt, sand and gravel in Kansas City to help reduce the risks. 

Winter precipitation results in icy sidewalks that can cause painful falls, slick driveways, and hazardous roads.

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Many of our sand and gravel in Kansas City materials can be used to help prevent motor vehicle accidents in parking lots, airport runways, side streets, and highways. Pavlich tries to meet the needs of consumers by offering a wide range of products to keep people safe from accidents involving winter precipitation, including:

  • Coal
  • Salt
  • Sand
  • Salt & Sand Mix
  • Bags Salt
  • Man Sand
  • Sand block
  • Ice Control Salt
  • Ice Control Sand

While the best advice is to avoid getting out on the roadways if you don’t have to, sometimes it cannot be avoided. Unfortunately, when you’re out there driving in a winter storm, there’s not much you can do to protect yourself, especially with a rear-wheel-drive automobile. Experienced winter drivers have learned that placing a couple of sandbags over the rear axle can make the difference. Most local municipalities apply sand and gravel in Kansas City to the street surfaces, which help give you better traction with your vehicle.

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Many sand and gravel in Kansas City products at Pavlich are ideal for providing better footing and traction on sidewalks and making it easier to get out of the driveway when it’s compacted with ice and snow. This gives a level of safety for your home that allows you to get around your property safely. Having a coating of sand and gravel in Kansas city spread around on the icy surfaces can make a huge difference in your ability to go check the mailbox or make a quick run to the store. Plus, when the snow melts, it’s easy to clean up.

The liability for employees, motorists or pedestrians getting injured due to untreated surfaces can be significant to homeowners, businesses and municipalities. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 30,000 people die every year from falls, some of which are attributed to slip and falls on icy surfaces, and nearly as many as die in automobile accidents. Much of the risk can be avoided by being vigilant and protecting against liability with preventive measures.

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Pavlich, Inc stays busy keeping up with orders for salt, sand and gravel in Kansas city. Business owners, city authorities, and individuals frequently come to our facilities in Kansas City with their trucks to stock up with the materials they need to prepare for snow and ice. We predominantly sell quality sand and gravel products to the construction industry but have in stock every type of sand and gravel products for residential use, including the ideal mix for sidewalks and driveways when winter storms arrive. 

Pavlich is always looking for qualified CDL drivers to make deliveries to homeowners and to job sites metro-wide, making sure our customers have everything they need this winter. As a Pavlich CDL driver, you will be delivering sand and gravel in Kansas City whenever and wherever our customers need it – even during bad weather!

If you’re interested in becoming part of a team of professionals, get in touch today!

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