Sand and Gravel From Pavlich, inc. Can Make Your Drive Safer

Supplying and delivering sand and gravel products is one of our specialties at Pavlich, inc. With winter weather coming, some of our products in this category are extra useful. At Pavlich, inc. no project that involves stone in the Kansas City area is too large for us. Come to us whether you need these products delivered or would like to drive for us delivering them as a CDL driver.
When it comes to sand and gravel, Pavlich, inc. hauls 100s of different sand and gravel products. Specialty stone can be used for many different projects such as, decorating landscapes, water parks, business grounds or personal areas. These products can be used to make concrete more durable, used as materials for driveways or walking trails. 

Winter Uses

Sand or gravel on the roads can help prevent motor vehicle accidents in winter conditions by providing additional traction for stopping and maneuvering. They can also be used to keep sidewalks and common surfaces used in pedestrian areas clear of winter accumulation which will reduce the potential for falls. 
Reapplying sand and gravel to your driveway at home will make you safer leaving or arriving at your home. These substances don’t harm underlying concrete and they won’t hurt the ground around the driveway either. These treatments won’t melt ice or snow, however, so they are best used as a proactive measure.
Our sand and gravel can be hauled to your location and unload it where you need it. We can haul granite to concrete companies to mix with their concrete and provide a stronger finish to your project. Whether for winter purposes or not, Pavlich, inc. is the best  provider of specialty stone in the Kansas City area. 
If you need stone products hauled for a project, Pavlich, inc. is the right choice for you. We provide a long list of products in specialty stone delivery. If you would like to hear about more of our products or join our team as a CDL driver you can contact us at (913) 281-3709. Alternatively, you can contact us online through our online form.  Lastly, we here at Pavlich, inc. would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.
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