Sand and Gravel For Landscaping: Affordable Creative Options

Pavlich-Inc-sand-and-gravel-ideas-kansas-city-ks-blogSand and gravel are much more affordable, durable, and easier to install than asphalt or concrete. There are many different grades, colors, and sizes to satisfy the need for even the most complex landscaping project. For high-quality landscaping supplies, you need to look no further than Pavlich Inc in Kansas City, KS.

We have been providing sand and gravel solutions for residents, businesses, and industrial customers in the greater Kansas City metro for years.

Our commitment to customer service and on-time delivery options are second-to-none, and that’s why we’re Kansas City’s go-to supplier of sand and gravel.

sand and gravel paths and walkwaysWhen it comes to base materials, the versatility of sand and gravel are effective options, and can be implemented by residential and commercial landscapers when installing a fountain, rock garden, or fire pit area in your backyard.

Using bricks or stone as edging can keep the gravel in place, and installing base rock such as basalt will turn it into a firm, durable surface.


Many businesses and commercial facilities in Kansas City, KS, design their grounds with walkways and focal points. Using decorative sand and gravel, specialty stone, river rock, accented with beautiful plantings, has long been a standard practice of not only professional landscapers, but for many area homeowners, as well.

gravel sand grounds landscaping patios gardensIn fact, for areas that don’t have vegetation, you can combine sand and gravel with brick or pavers to create an attractive walkway, patio or zen garden. For a casual setting, a combination of natural stone and pea gravel can completely transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis.

Crushed stone and pea gravel are an ideal choice for creating a unique, attractive driveway. They are less abrasive on vehicle tires, and when installed over concrete prevents slick surfaces when wet. These natural products come in many colors and sizes, and can be used to enhance paths and rest areas at hospitals, office complexes and the like. The small, pebble-like stones of pea gravel, with its naturally round edges, are typically used on children’s play areas, and can also brighten up any area of your property.

gravel pathwaysFor creating a cohesive look throughout your landscaping, sand and gravel products are popular because the rounded stones create an aesthetically pleasing appearance and the natural colors can match or complement the color of many homes. As a cost-effective, durable option, river rock is a perfect option for residential landscaping, especially if you live near a lake or river, as it blends with the environment.


gravel foundationsGravel can be used to create a smooth, solid surface around your outdoor AC unit.

Be sure to lay down a vapor barrier first. Ideally, you should add a raised foundation using a concrete slab or pavers to establish a base that is slightly larger than the unit itself.



bulk landscaping productsThese ideas are merely a “drop in the bucket” of how many ways sand and gravel can be used for your home’s or business’s landscaping.

You won’t go wrong when you contact Pavlich Inc in Kansas City, KS, for all your sand and gravel projects. We deliver whenever and wherever you need it!



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