Sand and Gravel Enhances Winter Traction On The Road

Pavlich Inc Sand and Gravel Winter Abrasives Enhance Traction blogSand and gravel deposits are natural resources that come from river channels, river flood plains, and glacial deposits. The movement of water creates large gravel deposits and sometimes results in the gravel becoming compacted and lithified into the sedimentary rock called conglomerate. Coming mostly from quartz, sand is formed by weathering and erosion of igneous rocks like granite, and in its natural state is ground down over time, becoming tiny grains that are eventually deposited in riverbeds and beaches.

More than 50 billion metric tons of sand and gravel products supply consumers every year in the US

There are many uses for these natural products for both residential uses and for commercial purposes. Sand is available in several different grains, from very fine sand, suitable for use on playgrounds, volleyball courts, and sandboxes, to a coarser grain, used for filling sandbags and other purposes. In the construction industry, sand and gravel products are used to make concrete, for road construction, and for mixing with asphalt. It is also popular for use as landscaping materials, on driveways and parking lots. Most municipalities use sand and gravel products for water filtration, as well.

Pavlich Sand and Gravel Winter Use Better Than Rock Salt blogDuring winter, abrasive mixes are valued for use on highways, parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways to enhance traction. Not only do these materials help prevent motor vehicle accidents, but they also help keep sidewalks and other surfaces commonly used by pedestrians clear of winter accumulation, reducing the potential for falls. Many cities and municipalities have ordinances in place for property owners for ensuring sidewalks are properly cleared of ice and snow, especially for business properties.

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The CDC has reported that thousands of falls result in fatalities every year, some of which are attributed to slip and falls on icy surfaces.

While homeowners can use a light mix of sand and gravel on icy sidewalks and driveways, for vehicles traveling on public roadways it is a different matter entirely. There isn’t much that drivers can do to protect themselves when high winds from a winter storm can blow away light materials within a few minutes. In addition to trying to avoid collisions with oncoming vehicles, there is the risk of cracked windshields and dents in your car from gravel kicked up by passing trucks. For circumstances such as these, the right balance of a sand and gravel mix can make all the difference in providing more effective traction on highways and prevent pinged windshields.

Sand and gravel products for use on highways need to be heavy enough to stay on the roads during blowing winds, but light enough to not fly up and cause damage to vehicles. Usually, the best size of sand and gravel is about 3.35 mm in size. At Pavlich Inc, we have the ability to process sand and gravel into the proper size for nearly any application.

pavlich-trucking-sand-and-gravel-loading-delivery-haulingAs one of Kansas City’s leading sand and gravel producers, we predominantly sell quality sand and gravel products to the construction industry but have in stock every type of sand and gravel products for residential use, including the ideal mix for sidewalks and driveways when winter storms arrive.

Businesses, contractors, and homeowners throughout the Kansas City metro know they can find what they need at Pavlich, Inc when it comes to quality sand and gravel products. Further, our experienced, competent drivers can deliver it whenever and wherever you need it, so you won’t have to risk an accident or injury by getting outside during bad weather!

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