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pavlich inc sand and gravel creative summer landscaping products blogPavlich’s sand and gravel division provide a wide range of products for Kansas City businesses and homes for decorating the grounds. We have all sizes and types of specialty stone for a great variety of creative purposes, for use as a mulch substitute, drainage and erosion control, landscaping and outdoor projects.

Fun Fact: “Sand and gravel deposits found on beaches or in rivers and streams, are mostly quartz (silicon dioxide, SiO2) grains.” 

Some of gravel products we carry at Pavlich that have made us one of Kansas City’s topmost providers of sand and gravel include colored stone, river rock, pea gravel, boulders, cobblestone and numerous others that are suitable for walkways, gardens, patios, borders and more. 
sand and gravel outdoor patio area

River rock can be used to create a unique fire pit patio area.

One of the best choices for landscaping purposes is river rock, which is available in many different shades and sizes. Using river rock in an area where grass doesn’t grow is an inexpensive way to turn a muddy back yard into a stylish, functional outdoor space!  
Fun Fact: “River rock is the best choice for garden pathways, in planting beds, a Koi pond or similar type of water feature.”


Sand and gravel are inexpensive, natural materials. This type of gravel, what we sometimes refer to as “processed gravel” or “crushed base” gravel, which is a mix of fine sand and gravel that helps compaction, is often used underneath a brick patio or concrete block retaining wall.

kids sand and gravel play areaChoosing the right gravel size for a walkway between your home and your flower garden can make a significant difference in how comfortable the path is to walk on. For example, the smaller the gravel is, the softer it is underfoot. The most comfortable walking surface would require something like pea gravel that has a smooth texture with rounded edges. Pea gravel is a favorite for use on driveways and playgrounds.

Fun Fact: “Gravel is a natural filter and aids in many types of water purification applications. It can also be used for sewage treatment, such as home septic systems, to separate and filter waste.”

Various sizes and colors of sand and gravel can serve as a background for a rock garden containing boulders and other types and sizes of rocks. Gravel is a particular favorite for making flower garden borders along sidewalks and retaining walls and for backyard play areas. Gravel also makes a good substitute for bark mulch because it absorbs the heat of the sun and keeps the soil cool and moist throughout the summer. 

From decorative stone to large boulders, Pavlich offers a large selection of sand and gravel products for almost any purpose. 

Our professional CDL drivers are experienced in loading and hauling sand and gravel, fill dirt, topsoil, cement and stone of all sizes to homes and businesses throughout the metro and beyond. Whether you need a small load or several truckloads of sand and gravel transported and delivered, we’ll get it done!  


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We have opportunities available with great pay and benefits. To apply to become a team member at Pavlich, complete the  CDL DRIVER APPLICATION


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