Sand And Gravel: Best Defense Against Winter Weather

Sand and gravel are Kansas City’s number one defense against winter weather accumulating on city and highway streets. We know that Midwest winter weather can be unpredictable, and Kansas City is one of the best-prepared midwestern cities concerning winter weather road conditions. Pavlich, Inc. can easily transport sand or gravel to any location within the Kansas City area to keep you prepared in advance for winter weather.

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Sand And Gravel Are Your Best Defense Against Winter Weather And Dangerous Road Conditions!

Winter can bring brutal freezing temperatures, take out power lines with heavy snow, and produce icy conditions on city streets. Because slick surfaces pose a severe risk to pedestrians and drivers alike, businesses and homeowners take advantage of sand and gravel to help reduce dangerous road conditions.

Many of our materials are used to help prevent motor vehicle accidents in parking lots, airport runways, side streets, and highways. Pavlich, Inc. tries to meet the needs of consumers by offering a wide-range of sand and gravel products to keep people safe from accidents involving winter precipitation, including:

– coal

– salt

– sand

– salt and sand mix

– salt bags

– man sand

– sand block

– ice control salt

– ice control sand

Many products are ideal for providing better footing and traction on sidewalks and make it easier to get out of the driveway when it is compacted with ice and snow. Placing a coating of sand and gravel on the icy surfaces of your driveway and walkways can make a huge difference in your ability to get out of your house safely.

We want everyone in Kansas City to be prepared for winter weather in advance, so we offer sand and gravel purchases in bulk. We have construction-grade as well as residential use products and will make deliveries to job sites and residential homes to make sure our customers have everything they need this winter.

We have been Kansas City’s trusted source for winter weather preparation since 1974. If you are a customer in Kansas City who needs to prepare for winter weather, please contact us today online or at (913) 281-3709 with any questions you have regarding purchasing bulk sand and gravel for your residence or job site this winter.