Safe Trucking Avoids Distracted Driving During The Holidays

The trucking industry and major insurers have been at the forefront of bringing awareness to the issue of distracted driving on American’s roadways.

With the holiday season in full swing and with many truckers on the road, it is an important concern of trucking companies everywhere.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), distracted driving is the third highest cause of vehicle collisions, after alcohol-related accidents and speeding, with 500,000 injuries every year, and 3,600 deaths. Insurance companies estimate between 40 and 50 percent are caused by distracted driving. Accordingly, responsible trucking companies are committed to reducing those numbers and ensuring the safety of their drivers and other motorists. 

Commercial drivers spend a large percentage of their time on the road behind the wheel of a truck, driving significantly more miles than an average driver, and even more during the holiday season. Keeping America’s stores supplied with goods for holiday shoppers is an essential service of the trucking industry, but it can be stressful on individual drivers. Accidents caused by distracted motorists, hazardous winter road conditions and other factors contribute significantly to trucking accidents. Unfortunately, during the holiday season with the high number of vehicles on the road and all the holiday travel, it is expected the number of collisions and vehicle crashes will rise.

Responsible trucking companies can help reduce distracted driving accidents by taking a proactive approach focused on changing their drivers’ behavior through consistent driver education. This is a commonly used strategy that can have a significant impact on overall driver efficiency and accident prevention. For example, implementing a system for scoring drivers with rewards for safe driving can be a popular way to reduce distracted driving incidents. Further, customized safety policies, specific online training (in particular when it is specifically tailored for each individual driver), motor vehicle record monitoring, telematics and installing dashcams, can all be helpful.

At Pavlich, Inc., we are always looking for effective safety solutions, including distracted driving and accident prevention. We have established policies regarding the use of cell phones while driving that our highly trained and experienced team of drivers adhere to.

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