Rail Car Unloading

Pavlich unloads large volume material such as ice control salt, granite, fertilizer, aggregates, sand, glass, and gravel from bulk railcar to road trucks every day. Pavlich can unload most anything that can be brought in by rail and deliver it to our customer’s job location.

Pavlich has two rail car unloading facilities in Kansas City, KS., area. One at 1800 Bayard, and another at 250 S. 5th Street. Each location can handle high volume unloading. We unload the rail cars by underground conveyor system or by track hoe positioned on top of an open rail car. Material is loaded directly into the road truck for delivery. The rail car unloading and reloading provide a fast, accurate system for transferring material to the customer. All material is weighed on our certified scales before leaving the facilities, so our customers know what they are receiving.

We are proud to be prominent and long-standing members of the following organizations.

  • The Kansas Motor Carriers Association (KMCA)
  • The Missouri Motor Carriers Association (MMCA)
  • The Missouri Dump Truck Association (MDTA)

Please give us a call with any questions at 800-776-5672 or 913-281-3709. You can also reach us by email at info@pavlichinc.com