Kansas City Trucking Company: Safe Driving Tips

As a Kansas City Trucking Company, we want our drivers to be safe and respectful on the road. Large vehicles like trucks face unique safety challenges on the road, especially with other drivers present. Here are some of our safe driving tips for our drivers at Pavlich, Inc., a Kansas City Trucking company:

Kansas City Trucking Company (Client Photo) Pavlich, Inc.

Our Kansas City Trucking Company Believes Driver Safety Is Important

Long Stopping Distance Awareness – it takes twice as long for a truck to stop quickly, than it does for the average motor vehicle. Large trucks needs the length of two football fields, or up to 720 feet, in order to stop safely. Driving too fast can create devastating crashes and truck rollovers. Being aware of your long stopping distance helps to ensure driver safety on the road.

Blind Spot Checks – it can be easy to forget to check those blind spots when you’re on the road for long periods of time without changing lanes. However, failure to monitor your blind spots can be detrimental to yourself and other drivers. You should check your mirrors every 8-10 seconds to be aware of vehicles in your blind spots.

Safe Speed Driving – our Kansas City Trucking company knows that the weight and size of long-distance trucks increases driving challenges, which includes more difficult maneuverability, braking and acceleration. Trucks accelerate slowly uphill and gain speed quickly going downhill. Driving at safe speeds, never above the speed limit, helps to keep you and other drivers on the road safe.

Vehicle Maintenance – Pre-trip safety inspections are important to the safety of your truck and to other drivers on the road. As a Kansas City Trucking company, we take pride in our drivers and their safety records while on the road. Checking tires, brakes, and load balance can make the difference between in a safe driving route and loss of control with a rollover accident.

At Pavlich, Inc. the safety of our drivers and trucks is important to us. Our mechanics can make sure your truck has been inspected regularly and is in great condition to be able to handle differing road conditions.

If you are in Kansas City and wish to continue your career in trucking with a Kansas City Trucking company who is serious about keeping their employees safe on the road, contact one of our recruiters at (913) 281-3709 who can answer any questions you might have about driving for us, and will provide additional safety information about our company.


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