Differences Between Sand and Gravel: Exploring Your Options

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Sand and gravel are both commonly used in construction and landscaping. Sand can make concrete stronger and more durable or even be used for driveways and walking trails. Gravel makes an excellent base for any commercial landscaping project and allows water to drain easily, preventing root rot in decorative plants. While sand and gravel might appear similar at first glance, these two materials possess distinct characteristics that influence their uses and roles in various aspects of our lives.


  • Sand has a finer texture and feels smoother to the touch.
  • Gravel has a coarser texture and feels rougher compared to sand.


  • Sand is commonly used in construction to make mortar, concrete, and asphalt. It’s also used in landscaping as a base material for pavers and a substrate for aquariums.
  • Gravel is often used as a base material for roads, driveways, and walkways. It’s also used in landscaping for drainage, decorative purposes, and as a base for retaining walls.


  • Sand has high permeability, allowing water to flow through it quickly.
  • Gravel also has good permeability but may be slightly less permeable than sand due to its larger particle size.


  • Sand is commonly used in applications requiring a fine texture, such as sandboxes, volleyball courts, and sandblasting.
  • Gravel is preferred in applications with important drainage and load-bearing capacity, such as road construction and landscaping projects.

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