CDL Driver Wanted: Traffic & Weather Condition Apps

As a CDL driver wanted in Kansas City you need to be careful on the road, and there are many different weather and road condition apps to get you from point A to point B safely. 70% of truck drivers check weather and road conditions daily, if not multiple times per day while traveling. When it comes to road conditions or hazards and weather conditions throughout Kansas City and the country, you’ll need up-to-date smart phone apps to stay on top of any changes.

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CDL Driver Wanted – Weather & Traffic Apps Are A Benefit To You

NOAA Weather Radar App provides a real-time weather map and forecast, as well as The Weather Channel App providing reliable forecasts.  But if you’re look for something a little more intuitive to help get you through some nasty weather, by far, Drive Weather App is the best weather app for truck drivers.

The Drive Weather App is simple to use with vivid color-coded icons that are easy to understand and read at a glance. It shows the forecast for each route point chosen, and you can even add route points and stops as you travel! Another benefit is this app allows a CDL driver wanted to compare routes in advance based on weather conditions to determine the best course for safety, and allows you to re-route on demand if you unexpectedly run into any bad weather.

But the TruckerPath App is by far, the most popular weather and navigation app used by truck drivers. With over 800,000 active users, this app includes a unique mapping system that saves previously navigated routes, includes low-bridge warnings and real-time parking availability. You can compare fuel prices and check on weigh stations and scales wherever you are.

As a CDL driver wanted and employed by Pavlich, Inc. you should be familiar with these apps and feel comfortable using them to keep you safe on the road. Other popular apps such as MyDAT Trucker Services show the nearest truck stop sites, travel plazas, diesel prices, trucker-friendly hotels and motels, Walmart and CAT scales. Trucksmart – TA Travel App allows you to find the nearest Travel Centers and Petro sites close by and lists available amenities so you can be better prepared on the road.

But when it comes to traffic navigation specifically, premium gps units are still the best investment with real-time updates, delay notifications, and immediate re-routing options. However, if you like any of these app suggestions, feel free to give them a try!  All are available in the Apple Store or on Google Play, and some may include in-app purchases that you might find to benefit you.

We want our drivers to be prepared and aware of traffic and weather conditions while on the road. A CDL driver wanted with Pavlich, Inc. is trusted by our clients to make deliveries on time and in safe conditions. If you are a CDL driver wanted in Kansas City, contact us today to apply, or feel free to call us at (913) 281-3709 with any questions you have regarding safe working traffic and weather conditions.

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