CDL Driver Wanted: Top 10 Benefits

As a CDL driver wanted with Pavlich, Inc., there are many benefits to being a truck driver! As a CDL driver wanted, the trucking industry is constantly growing and truck driving is an exciting opportunity for anyone who likes to travel, work independently, and is self-motivated.
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A CDL Driver Wanted Position Includes Many Benefits And Job Security!

Here are our Top 10 Benefits of being a truck driver:
1.     Flexible Schedules
At Pavlich, Inc. we currently have openings for licensed drivers to join our company, and we have different positions available to meet your working hour needs.
2.     Travel
Do you like road trips and want to be paid to do it? A CDL driver wanted position is perfect for anyone who likes the adventure of road trips. As a truck driver, you won’t be stuck behind a desk job all day. If you choose regional or national routes, you get the opportunity to be paid while traveling!
3.     Job Security
CDL driver wanted positions are in high demand right now. The trucking industry is the backbone of the United States economy and we need more truck drivers to continue moving goods around the nation.
4.     Updated/Newer Equipment
At Pavlich, Inc. we take the safety and security of our drivers seriously. You’ll always have updated and newer equipment that meets safety standards when driving for Pavlich.
5.     Medical & Prescription Plans
Your health as a CDL driver wanted is important. Medical and prescription plan coverage is important and necessary for all of our drivers.
6.     Retirement Contributions

When enrolled into a 401K, we offer employer contributions as well! It’s the best way to start managing your retirement.

7.     Steady Paycheck
We pay our drivers bi-weekly and offer direct deposit for your convenience! 
8.     Transparency
At Pavlich, there’s no hiding terms of employment. When you come for an interview, we will discuss pay scale, benefits, how much home time is offered, and the routes currently available.
9.     Independence
If you are the type of person who likes to work independently with little oversight, a CDL driver wanted position might be the best fit for you! 
10.  Lower Education Costs
For any trucking position, you must have a CDL license and this means earning your Commercial Driver’s License in about 8 weeks of education, in comparison to a 4-year college degree that will cost tens of thousands of dollars. After getting your license, you can start driving quickly, without crushing student loan debt!
If you are in the Kansas City area and believe truck driving might be the best job opportunity for you, contact us today to speak with a recruiter and fill out a job application in person, or online on our website. 
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