CDL Driver Wanted: Tips For Safe Driving in Spring Rains

Pavlich inc. always has safe CDL driver wanted postings. With Spring weather coming, it’s crucial to find ways to keep yourself updated on the conditions you’ll be driving into. Weather can be unpredictable, it’s important to check the forecast several times throughout the day to be sure. For information and to apply for one of our CDL driver wanted positions click here, or continue reading for some tips on ways to keep yourself informed on the weather.
Successful applicants for a CDL driver wanted position will know that there are many apps that keep truckers up-to-date on the real-time weather and road conditions on their route. A premium gps unit is always a go-to device and great investment option. and The National Weather Service have phone applications that detail commuter forecasts and potential and active weather alerts.
One of the best apps for a CDL driver wanted is the Drive Weather app. This app is known for being easy to use, Drive Weather shows the forecast for any point along your driving route. The color-coded icons are easy to understand and read at a glance. The app allows you to compare routes and re-route on demand to avoid traffic and weather delays.
The TruckerPath app is by far, the most popular weather and navigation app used by truck drivers. This app has over 800,000 active users and includes a unique mapping system that saves previously navigated routes, including low-bridge warnings and real-time parking availability. It will also help you compare fuel prices and check weigh stations and scales wherever you are. 
Any applicant for a CDL driver wanted position with Pavlich, Inc should know about these apps and be comfortable using them. Apps are a great way to help you plan the best route you can in addition to helping you plan around and stay aware of the weather. Other apps could help you maximize your efficiency in other ways, such as the MyDat Trucker Service that shows the nearest truck stop sites, travel plazas, diesel prices, trucker-friendly hotel and motels, Walmart and CAT scales. Trucksmart – TA Travel App allows you to find the nearest Travel Center and Petro site close by and lists the available amenities so you can be prepared on the road.
Pavlich cares about the safety of our drivers above all else. We view it as our obligation to give our drivers the tools to plan the safest route available. If you are in the Kansas City area and would like to apply as a CDL driver, contact us today to apply online, or feel free to call us at (913) 281-3709 with any questions you have about employment.