CDL Driver Wanted: Job Stability With Pavlich, Inc.

As a CDL driver wanted, you can be sure that job stability is a perk of working for Pavlich, Inc. In our current economy we understand that job stability is a major concern for more workers, but in the trucking industry, job stability is never in question.

Pavlich Inc Kansas City KS rail car unloading CDL driver

Trucking is the backbone that keeps the United States economy running smoothly. Our industry is widespread with the different types of goods that are shipped around the country every day, and contributes millions of revenue every year.

As a CDL driver wanted, we know that trucking can be a fun and exciting job that allows you to travel while working. If you’ve always wanted to see the country but never had the time, a position as a CDL driver in the trucking industry is the perfect job for you.

Most trucking companies, including ours, gives steady incomes with yearly salary increase opportunities. But most importantly, the trucking industry is stable. Job security is important to everyone, and being a CDL driver wanted can give you the stability and salary you need.

At Pavlich, Inc. we understand our drivers have lives outside of work, and we value your time on the job, but also the rest you deserve after working hard. A CDL driver wanted also has flexible work schedules that work around what is best for you and your family’s schedule.

The good news is that the trucking industry is open to anyone who wishes to begin a new career! In order to apply as a CDL driver wanted you will need to have your CDL license with at least one year of verifiable Class A or B driving experience, a clean driving record, pass a drug and alcohol test, and required to provide a medical certificate.

If you are in the Kansas City area and believe a CDL driver wanted position is the right path for you, check out our website to fill out an online application today. Contact us at 913-281-3709 to talk with our recruiter about available job openings, or if you have any questions about the hiring process.

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