CDL Driver Wanted in Kansas City: Truck Drivers Love Driving For Pavlich

Pavlich CDL Driver Wanted In Kansas City blogExperienced CDL driver wanted in Kansas City at Pavlich, Inc., in KCK. Do you ever feel like the road calls to you, or you want a job that allows you to see the various areas of the country? Do you feel like sitting behind a desk all day is boring and you’re going nowhere? Truck driving is best suited for people who love being on the road. When you’re dissatisfied with your current 9-to-5 drudgery, driving a truck can be a great solution. The driver’s at Pavlich love seeing the scenery and sights that most people don’t get to enjoy in an average workday.

truck drivers at a table in a truck stopOne of the things our drivers enjoy most is traveling the nation’s highways and the sense of adventure. Many drivers establish new friendships and share camaraderie with other drivers. If you talk to other truck drivers, most will tell you they love the adventure, not having a boss looking over their shoulder, and the tranquility of their home-on-the-road. And it’s great for getting to know the country from one end to the other, with lots of time for self-reflection and meditation.

Truck driving is one of the most stable jobs there is. The demand for truck drivers is higher than ever, which means there are many CDL driver wanted in Kansas City job openings. The current shortage of drivers means that those who have a CDL won’t have trouble finding a job at Pavlich, Inc. The pay is great, with plenty of opportunities for earning more as they gain experience. No more living from paycheck to paycheck! The CDL driver wanted in Kansas City enjoys job security, insurance benefits, vacation pay, sick leave and more. Our recruiters are ready to hire new drivers for various routes!

What CDL Truckers Love

Trucking across the United States provides a vital but often overlooked service to the American people handling shipments every day to keep our nation’s stores and businesses stocked. It’s a big responsibility, but the rewards for a CDL driver wanted in Kansas City at Pavlich are worth it. If you enjoy getting behind the wheel, spending time on the road, and are prepared to meet all of the challenges that come with driving a truck, get in touch today. We have three CDL driver wanted in Kansas City positions available – local, regional and over the road (OTR). We provide well-maintained, late-model Peterbilt trucks with the features that make long-haul trucking a better experience.

Pavlich’s truck drivers, whether driving a heavy truck or tractor-trailer, transport sand and gravel products, grain, specialty stone, and many other types of cargo across cities and counties, and between states. Our rail car unloading business is an essential service that involves unloading from the Kansas City railroad terminal and transporting loads directly to warehouses and other locations. Further, we offer competitive pay and benefits and more to ensure our truck drivers love what they do!


If any of this sounds like something that interests you, you may be an ideal candidate for a professional CDL driver wanted in Kansas City position. If you have at least one year of experience in the past three years and would like to join us at Pavlich Inc., Inc., please contact our recruiting team at 913-281-3709. We would love the opportunity to tell you the many benefits of becoming a Pavlich driver.

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