CDL Driver Wanted In Kansas City! Join a Historical Industry

A CDL driver wanted in Kansas City! The trucking industry in the United States has affected the political and economic history of the country in the 20th century. Pavlich, Inc. is always posting a CDL driver wanted in Kansas City positions for drivers to take part in this historic industry and join our fleet.
Before 1900, land freight was mostly carried by trains. While this was a highly efficient method for transporting goods, it could only transport freight to centralized urbanized centers for distribution by horse-drawn transport. The few trucks that existed at the time were used more for their advertising space than their utility.
The advent of the gasoline-powered internal combustion engine, improvements in transmissions, the move away from chain drives to gear drives, and the development of the tractor/semi-trailer combination caused shipping by truck to gain popularity quickly. In 1913, the first state weight limits for trucks were introduced. These laws were enacted to protect the earth and gravel-surfaced roads from damage caused by the iron and solid rubber wheels of early trucks. By 1914 there were almost 100,000 trucks on America’s roads. This growth has paved the road to today where there are calls for a CDL driver wanted in Kansas City. 
From 1914-1918, World War 1 spurred rising truck use and development. Wartime caused an increased congestion of railroads which exposed the need for alternative modes of transporting cargo. The years beyond 1920 saw several advancements, such as improved rural roads, the introduction of the diesel engine (which are 25–40% more efficient than gasoline engines), the standardization of truck and trailer sizes along with fifth wheel coupling systems, as well as power assisted brakes and steering. By the year 1933, all states had some form of varying truck weight regulation.
In 1941, President Roosevelt appointed a special committee to explore a pay idea of “national inter-regional highway” system, but the committee’s progress was halted by the initiation of World War 2. Once the war was over, the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1944 authorized the designation of what are now termed “interstate highways” but did not include a funding program to build the highways. 
The Motor Carrier Act of 1980 partially deregulated the trucking industry, dramatically increasing the number of trucking companies in operation. The trucking workforce was drastically de-unionized, resulting in lower overall pay for drivers. However, deregulation increased the competition and productivity within the trucking industry as a whole, and was beneficial to the American consumer (by reducing costs). This is why today there is a higher need for a CDL driver wanted in Kansas City.
The trucking industry is constantly changing, and Pavlich, Inc. is committed to keeping our drivers, equipment, and overall operations up to date. A CDL driver wanted in Kansas City. The safety of our employees and customers is paramount to Pavlich, Inc. Call 913-281-3709 and ask for Recruiting to check on available openings in your area, or send us a message from our website.
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