CDL Driver Wanted For Company In Multiple Trucking Associations

CDL driver wanted at Pavlich, Inc.. Pavlich is a Kansas City trucking company that has 45 years helping the region with bulk transport. For further proof of our status as a trustworthy trucking company, Pavlich is proud to be a prominent and long-standing member of three major associations.
Kansas Motor Carriers Association
The KMCA was chartered by the state of Kansas as a non-profit corporation on August 11, 1936. Throughout the years, this organization has provided progressive, organized leadership that has helped the transportation industry improve its services to the public and to achieve its present stature. The KMCA fills several important roles for the industry such as lobbying state and federal governments, helping report IFTA fuel taxes, and providing a cooperative safety management council. KMCA can function as an extension of a company’s staff to help with your management. Filling a CDL driver wanted position at Pavlich will give you the support of this great organization.
Missouri Motor Carriers Association
The Missouri Trucking Association was incorporated in 1937. Today it works in the interests of hundreds of member companies and CDL driver wanted that operate both for-hire and private carrier trucks. The MMCA offers many services, including, educational seminars, information resources, PeopleNet, PrePass, and the TXTA Tire Program. 
Missouri Dump Truck Association
The Missouri Dump Truckers Association, Inc., (MDTA) founded in 1970, is a voluntary state-wide trade association. MDTA is dedicated to promoting the common interest and devoted to improving business conditions of the dump truck industry from the performance of the services offered and development of high professional standards of conduct among the dump truck owners and operators. The MDTA aims to provide an organization through which members of the dump truck industry can coordinate in unison their efforts in addressing and solving problems of interest and concerns common to the industry. When we make a CDL driver wanted posting, we work with organizations like this to give our drivers the best support they can get.
At Pavlich, we always have postings for a CDL driver wanted. If you are in the Kansas City area and would like to apply as a CDL driver, contact us today to apply online, or feel free to call us at (913) 281-3709 with any questions you have about employment.