CDL Driver Wanted! Beat the Heat With These Summer Driving Tips

CDL Driver Wanted for Pavlich’s fleet of trucks. With the summer heat comes unique driving challenges. Luckily, you can take some simple steps to ensure you and your truck are ready for the challenge ahead.

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Dangers Of Summer Driving

While you’re probably used to driving in the midwestern summer weather, there are still many risks that a CDL driver wanted applicant should be aware of:

Sun Strike

This is an event that occurs in the long summer evenings and mornings. There is a more extended period when the sun lingers on the horizon, making it challenging to see east in the morning and west in the evening. You’ll want to keep your windshield clean as dirt and scratches can diffract light, making it more difficult for you to see the road in front of you.

Dehydration and Heat Exhaustion

Any applicant for a CDL driver wanted opening will know that a car can heat up quickly. Without proper air conditioning, the temperature inside a vehicle can quickly reach excessive levels in just a few minutes. Even if the windows are open, the temperature inside the vehicle can become hotter than the temperature outside. Ensure you keep water within reach to stay hydrated and avoid caffeinated drinks when possible, as they can cause you to become dehydrated.

Flash Floods

The weather in summer can be unpredictable. Warm weather compacts the earth, which, when followed by a heavy storm, can cause flash flooding until surface water gets a chance to disperse. To lessen this risk, bright CDL driver applicants will use the tools at their disposal to stay aware of the forecast and road conditions for the area ahead. Never drive through standing water, no matter how much there appears to be.

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