CDL Driver Clearinghouse Consent Registration Now Mandatory

pavlich-clearinghouse-rule-cdl-driver-consent-registration-kansas-truckingIn 2020, a CDL driver will need to electronically register their consent with the FMCSA Clearinghouse to release their driving record to employers and prospective employers who request pre-employment checks for detailed drug and alcohol program violation information. Once registered, a CDL driver can see what’s on their own record, as well as identify a substance abuse professional (SAP) so they may enter relevant information regarding return-to-duty activities. 

The US Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Rule is a secure online database to give employers, the FMCSA, State Driver Licensing Agencies, and State law enforcement personnel real-time information about CDL driver drug and alcohol program violations. The rule requires FMCSA-regulated employers, medical review officers, substance abuse professionals, and other service agents to report all drug and alcohol-related violations outlined in the 49 Code of Federal Regulations by current and prospective employees. [CFR § 382.705]

Accessing the Clearinghouse database benefits trucking companies by identifying prohibited CMV operators. It also helps to ensure that individuals with violations receive the evaluation and treatment that is required before they can return to driving. For example, when drug and alcohol program violations are entered in the Clearinghouse database, the information is recorded (even if a CDL driver has not yet registered). At Pavlich, when we run a pre-employment check for a potential new CDL driver, we enter the information provided with their application to verify if there are any violations associated with their license. This is important for all commercial trucking companies who are dedicated to keeping America’s roadways safe for everyone. Click here for the Clearinghouse CDL Driver Resource Brochure

pavlich-inc-cdl-driver-needed-kansas-city-ks=trucking Trucking safety is a high priority at Pavlich, Inc., and we are committed to staying in compliance with all trucking laws and safety requirements. Accordingly, we always request Clearinghouse records before hiring a CDL driver to operate any of our Commercial Motor Vehicles. In addition, we also recheck annually for each CDL driver in our employ. Our drivers are appropriately trained and qualified professionals who are equally committed to highway safety. We provide each driver with a safe work environment, late-model trucks in good repair, and friendly, efficient support staff.

If you’re a CDL driver looking for a good company to hire on with, Pavlich is currently hiring self-motivated CDL drivers in good-standing with USDOT, KDOT and the Clearinghouse. To learn more about our basic requirements and additional details, prospective drivers can call our recruiting office at the number listed below, or stop by to say hello in person, and talk to our recruiter about a position as a Pavlich, Inc., CDL driver. You can also apply ONLINE!


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