CDL Driver Career Opportunities Available In Kansas City

pavlich inc cdl driver career opportunities kansas city

A CDL driver looking for a lucrative career in the trucking industry can find it at Pavlich, Inc. in Kansas City, Kansas. We offer competitive pay, medical, dental, vision, retirement, life insurance and other benefits. We are a locally-owned and family-run trucking company located in Kansas City, Kansas, with over 70 trucks and trailers. We primarily operate in the Midwest and across the US transporting bulk freight of every kind by truck and by rail.
As a CDL driver at Pavlich, you’ll enjoy the freedom of the open road, traveling different routes, seeing new locations and experiencing new things that you won’t get sitting behind a desk all day. Something that appeals to most people with a career as a CDL driver is the independence of being where they want to be, doing what they want to do, without rigid job expectations and micromanagement. That’s not to say that you won’t be required to perform your job as expected, but it means you will have more control over your schedule, designate your own stops and won’t have to endure someone breathing down your neck all day. As long as you show up where you’re supposed to, when you’re supposed to and get the job done, you’re good.

pavlich inc kansas city cdl driver opportunities available

At Pavlich, Inc., we put our trust in each CDL driver to fulfill their obligations to our company and to our customers. We’ve built a solid customer base and ensure our drivers have the training they need, in addition to gaining more experience on the job, to make us one of the most sought-after trucking companies in Kansas City. Our truckers look out for each other, and even though you may not see a fellow CDL driver all that often, you still have the assurance that someone will be there if you’re in a jam, and the sense of camaraderie you’ll have with our other drivers is something that is encouraged because we’re a community of like-minded folks committed to meeting our customer’s needs and keeping our business on track.

Pavlich Inc is Hiring Truck Drivers!

Right now we would like to add more drivers to our team so we can meet the demands of adding new business, which is good for the company and good for the drivers. Whether you’re OTR or driving a local trucking job, there are perks to being a CDL driver that you won’t find anywhere else. Becoming a CDL driver is a big decision, but if you’re the right person for the job, we want you at Pavlich. You can APPLY ONLINE or stop in our office and talk to a recruiter. Begin an exciting, fulfilling job and learn what being a professional truck driver is all about!

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