CDL Driver: Best Apps In 2022

A CDL driver needs to be prepared when on the road, and there are many phone apps that help truck drivers. Some of the most used apps include weather and road conditions, as well as traffic delays. The best apps for CDL drivers in 2022 are:

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A CDL Driver Needs Different Applications For Long-Haul Trucking Jobs

Trucker Path – this app has more than a million downloads between the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store, making it the most popular app for truck drivers in America. This all-in-one app is user-friendly and features over 7,000 reviewed truck stops in the United States and Canada. It also includes updates on parking availability, information on weigh station and scales, a trip planner option, fuel stops with up-to-date truck clearance information, advanced address search functions, and the ability to save your navigation history.

Gas Buddy – for a CDL driver, saving money on gas is important. This app provides the cheapest fuel prices at more than 150,000 gas stations in North America. It also offers fuel rewards and provides information on fuel stops with shower and food options.

PrePass – is useful for pre-clearance purposes. It gives you the opportunity to continue driving on the main road with stopping at a weigh station. The app has a wide network coverage and can be paired with a transponder. According to PrePass, it integrates your truck’s in-cab transponder with an Advanced Vehicle Identification which saves you time on the road and allows you to by-pass weigh stations.

Drive Weather App – this simple to use app, includes vivid color-coded icons that are easy to understand and read at a glance. It shows the weather forecast for each route point chosen, and you can even add route points and stops as you travel! Another benefit is this app allows a CDL driver the ability to compare routes in advance based on weather conditions to determine the best course for safety, as well as re-routing options on-demands if you run into bad weather unexpectedly!

We want our drivers to be prepared and aware of traffic and weather conditions while on the road. A CDL driver with Pavlich, Inc. is trusted by our clients to make deliveries on time and in safe conditions. If you are a CDL driver in Kansas City, contact us today to apply, or feel free to call us at (913) 281-3709 with any questions you have regarding safe working traffic and weather conditions.

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