Benefits of Being a CDL Driver at Pavlich in Kansas City

Pavlich CDL Driver Benefits of Truck Driving Kansas City blogA CDL driver position can offer high-level job security, interesting career opportunities, and benefits. For everyday people entering the workforce as well as those seeking improved employment opportunities, there are many benefits of having a truck driving career, with many opportunities for a CDL driver in a variety of industries. However, there is a massive shortage of qualified CDL professionals to fill those positions.

A huge benefit of being a CDL driver is job security. The ATA predicts that the lack of qualified drivers is expected to rise dramatically over the next few years. Compounding a CDL driver shortfall is the increasing demand for more hauling and delivering of goods and materials in industries across the country. It’s a truck driver’s market in terms of finding secure employment, and Pavlich currently has CDL driver positions available for a local and OTR driver and when you sign on with us, you’ll always have a job.

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And not to be taken lightly, another benefit of driving a truck is that there is no boss constantly looking over your shoulder. This is a powerful draw for people who want to escape the 9-to-5; plus, there’s no fancy dress code – your old, comfortable jeans are just fine. If you’re looking for a change, becoming a CDL driver is a great opportunity to embrace your wanderlust and take to the open road.

You get to play with “Big Trucks” as an adult! Come on, you know you loved playing with your toy trucks when you were two. Well, even if you’re 32 now, you can still indulge your fascination with all-things-truck and become a CDL driver! (You know you want to!)


Do you want to make a difference in your community and your country? At no other time in recent history has being a CDL driver been so vital to our nation’s economy. From the clothes you’re wearing, to the food on the table at your favorite diner, to the mobile device in your hand right now – there’s a level of satisfaction that is unmatched in terms of knowing that your efforts are making a difference in the lives of everyone in America. Without truck drivers’ willingness to make the sacrifices in an unsafe world, our everyday lives would be a lot more difficult.

Remember where we mentioned that as a CDL driver you’ll always have a job? That’s because just like planes need pilots and the army needs soldiers, America needs truck drivers, and goods and materials of all kinds will always need to get from point A to point B. As a Pavlich Inc CDL driver, you can rely on a stable career.

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