A Kansas City Trucking Company With Many Services

Kansas City trucking company, Pavlich, Inc., provides many bulk transport services for the Kansas City Metro Area and beyond. With over 45 years of bulk transport experience, we have earned a reputation for solid performance, on-time delivery, and personal service. Every delivery gives us a new opportunity to learn more about our customer’s needs and deliver freight in a timely, cost-effective manner.

A Kansas City Trucking Company, Pavlich, Inc. Provides Many Services

We are a Kansas City trucking company that has been a leader in fulfilling trucking and transportation needs in the Kansas City area since 1974, as well as across the nation for many years. Our trucking services can handle any job. Large end dump trailers can handle multiple ton jobs while smaller capacity trucks enable us to get to locations where the larger trailers cannot. We have both aluminum and steel trailers that can handle just about any job requirement. And while the trucking industry is constantly changing, we are committed to keeping our drivers, equipment, and overall operations up to date.
Pavlich, Inc. is also a Kansas City trucking company that unloads large volume materials such as ice control salt, granite, fertilizer, aggregates, sand, gravel, and glass from bulk railcar to road trucks every day. We can unload most anything that can be brought in by rail and deliver it to our customer’s job location. We have two rail car unloading facilities right here in Kansas City, and each location can handle high volume unloading. Rail car unloading and reloading provides a fast, accurate system for transferring material to the customer, and all material is weighed on our certified scales before leaving either facility.
We also haul 100’s of different types of products, including sand and gravel. For a list of items we can supply or transport for you, visit our website here. When it comes to sand, gravel, or  bulk items such as stone, we are the Kansas City trucking company specialists for decorating landscaping, water parks, business park grounds or personal areas. No project that requires sand, gravel or stone is too large for us. We can haul these materials to your location and unload it exactly where you need it.
We are a local, family-owned Kansas City trucking company and have a fleet of over 70 trucks and trailers. Primarily serving the Kansas City area, the Midwest, and out across the United States, our road fleet ensures quality and prompt service you can rely on. If you need a Kansas City trucking company to meet your hauling, railcar unloading, and bulk transport needs, contact us today, or feel free to call us at (913) 281-3709 with any questions you have regarding your transportation needs.
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