3 Tips A CDL Driver Can Use To Avoid Distracted Driving

A qualified CDL Driver in Kansas City is someone that we’re always on the lookout for at Pavlich, Inc. We currently have jobs available for licensed drivers wishing to join our company. We offer numerous benefits to our drivers. 
Qualified CDL driver candidates in Kansas City will follow these three tips to avoid distracted driving:
1. Don’t Eat and Drink While Driving
Eating and drinking takes your attention off the road and can make your truck a danger to others on the road. The solution to this is as simple as pulling over to stop while you eat. As a CDL driver with us, your safety matters to us. Make sure you find a safe place to stop before you eat and drink your meal.
2. Don’t Be Distracted by Outside Objects
A qualified CDL driver knows that their main focus while driving must always be the road. Anything outside your vehicle not related to driving that catches your interest can be dangerous. This includes buildings, billboards, and other people. Keep your focus on things you can control and the cars around you to keep you and others safe by avoiding accidents on the road.
3. Don’t Text and Drive
When driving long stretches, it can be tempting to sneak a glance at your phone. A vehicle can drift while you send a text more quickly than most people would think. Any time you have your eyes off the road or a hand off the wheel can create an extremely dangerous scenario for a driver and result in fatalities. Texting while driving is illegal and carries more penalties than it’s worth to check your phone.
If you’re a CDL driver in Kansas City looking for work, Pavlich, Inc. is always hiring. We offer many benefits to our employees, including the following list:
  • Updated and newer equipment
  • Peterbilt Trucks
  • Day Cabs, Sleepers and Straight Trucks
  • Shop onsite
  • Driver Lounge
  • ELD
  • Local, Regional & OTR positions (based on location)
  • Direct Deposit ( BI-Weekly)
  • Pay based on commission pay by the load (NO 1099)
  • Medical & Prescription Plan
  • Secondary Insurance
  • Flex Spending
  • Vacation Pay
  • 401K ( Employer Contributions when enrolled)
If you are in the Kansas City Metro Area and are looking to further your career as a truck driver or even begin one, consider working for Pavlich, Inc. For more than 40 years we’ve been Kansas City’s premiere trucking company. For more information on trucking careers with us, contact a recruiter today at (913) 281-3709, or feel free to fill out a job application online.
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