pavlich inc cdl driver career opportunities kansas city Trucking We handle all your transportation needs. Learn More Rail Car Unloading Pavlich unloads large volume material from Bulk Rail Cars to Bulk Road trucks by conveyor system and by track loaders on open top rail cars for delivery to customers all over the metro area. Learn More SAND, GRAVEL, & bULK pRODUCTS Pavlich Inc supplies the industry with a variety of aggregates, landscaping, and specialty stone for all your construction, and customer projects. Learn More
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Pavlich Inc – Kansas City, KS

Thank you for visiting Pavlich, Inc., one of Kansas City’s premier bulk transport specialists. In business over 45 years, Pavlich has earned a reputation for solid performance, on-time delivery, and personal service. Pavlich has remained a focused, family-owned and operated trucking company that dedicates its staff and drivers to serving the Midwest with bulk transport and rail services as well as over the road delivery in all 48 states.

Pavlich takes pride in providing a tailored experience for every customer. Every delivery gives us a new opportunity to learn more about our customer’s needs and deliver freight in a timely cost-effective manner. Our highly trained and experienced team of drivers takes pride in their deliveries, making every effort to impress each customer with promptness and professionalism.

With the rising cost of transportation, everyone at Pavlich is eager to look for more ways to provide services more cost-effectively than any other logistics company. While Pavlich, at its core, is in the business of moving your freight, we still take pride in personally knowing every customer and their business. That’s the “Pavlich Promise.”

The bottom line is you can trust your reputation with Pavlich, Inc.


Special Services

Pavlich, Inc. is so much more than just providing trucks, our services go much further than that. We will work with our customers to provide complete job satisfaction. We can provide trucks to haul a customer’s material to designated locations. If a customer is in need of a special type of material, we can take care of that as well. If someone needs help locating material, our people will work with them to locate and deliver a suitable material. We have years of experience in the business and that is one of the reasons our customers keep returning.

“We handle all your transportation needs”


If you need a truck to do a job for you, whether across country or local, a call to Pavlich Inc. is all you need to make.

Rail Car Unloading

Pavlich has been in the business for years working with the railroad to provide timely unloading, from bulk railcars to bulk road trucks.

Sand And Gravel

Sand and Gravel. Bulk Products. Specialty Stone. No matter the size or where it's located, we can get it for you.

Employment Opportunities

Pavlich, Inc. has several positions in our operations and feels they are all equally important to providing successful day to day customer service. From time to time we have openings in one or more functional areas. We have different driving divisions, as well as positions in our large four-bay maintenance shop. We also have general labor positions that assist the overall operations.


We offer three driving positions at Pavlich, Inc. We have local, regional and over the road (OTR). Only late-model Peterbilt tractors are used and maintained on regular basis. Call 913.281.3709 or visit Pavlich for more details.


Our mechanics are the front line in work they perform. They maintain our entire fleet of trucks, trailers, and yard equipment. Their high-quality professional services with a quick turnaround mean our drivers are moving and delivering their loads. Call 913-281-3709 or visit Pavlich for more details.

General Labor

Our general labor positions are responsible for several activities, such as truck washing, general yard maintenance, and assisting in railcar unloading. Maintaining the area with good housekeeping is paramount to safety. Call 913-281-3709 or visit Pavlich for more details.

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